Shaffie: As presenters we need to be emotionally intelligent

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Shaffie: As presenters we need to be emotionally intelligent

Former Kiss FM presenter Shaffie Weru recently opened up on the happenings at Homeboyz Radio that led to his exit last month.

Speaking during an interview on KTN Home’s What’s your story, Weru advised that presenters ought to be both emotionally and intellectually aware about the various topics they discuss.

“For the presenters who are on still radio, we need to be emotionally intelligent especially when dealing with some issues because it’s not illegal, it’s not wrong but it will get you in serious fire,” he said.

Shaffie further stated that he felt his dismissal was not justified and instead of being bashed online he should have been educated on the same and later be the poster child to teach men about feminism.

He added that he has closely worked with well-known feminists in Adelle Onyango and Kalekye Mumo and they have a better idea of who the real Shaffie is.

Weru also disclosed that the comments he made during the show were not meant to hurt anyone.

He has since landed a managerial job as the Head of Entertainment at Roya Group of companies and his sole focus will be entertainment.

“This is my new hustle and here we do many things… investments, real estate, entertainment etc. This is my new hustle. This time round I am coming out,” stated Shaffie.

Shaffie and his team from Shaffie Weru and the breakfast show, DJ Joe Mfalme and Neville Musya left the Homeboyz station after the station fired them on the basis of breaching the company’s editorial policies.

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