Mr seed plants his seed outside his matrimonial home.

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Mr seed plants his seed outside his matrimonial home.

It’s no surprise in today’s society that relationship are only perfect on social media and in our imaginations and the only thing that you can be certain of is they are only yours when they are in front of you and even then they might be telling another person a different story. Therefore having a few flings outside your matrimonial home does come as a surprise to many, however even though this can work out for the common wananchi when you are a “celebrity “ in Kenya lady luck is never on your side cause your side piece holds all the receipts and they never shy away from airing your dirty laundry in public just for that little publicity or as they say so that they can be held “accountable”. And the latest Kenyan “celebrity” to become a “victim” is none other than Mr Seed a gospel artist. Same case as every other scandal that we see with these celebrities they get and “innocent” girl pregnant and afterwards that’s when they remember they have a family , a loving wife who they wouldn’t want to loose, the shame and disappointment that they will have to carry seeing that they are in the public eye and what’s will their fans say? So what’s the easy way out ask them to get an abortion and that’s when shit always hit the fan because all the love they once held for their side chicks always turn into a nag, why are you trying to destroy my family?, why can’t you just leave me alone? Who said that child is mine it could be anybody’s? Why are you acting like you don’t sleep around just the way you fell into my bed so easily ? The sad part about all this that wives are always left to clean up the mess and Nimo was not left out . The alleged side chick reached out to Mr Seed’s wife after she failed to reach an agreement with Mr seed who had sent her some money to undertake an abortion that failed and left her hospitalized, after it failed he brought the medicine himself where miraculously the fetus still survived. The wife being the nice person that she is and trying to get the whole story decided to not only pay for the girls Uber but also become a chauffeur for the day in order for her to get the whole tea. And the girl did not disappoint she served her everything from their texts, empesa transactions and even the guy he used to visit her with. I can only imagine what the poor wife must have been going through. Anyways what would you do if this came knocking at your doorstep and if you’ve been through it how did you handle it and are you still together with them? How did you get past it to where you are right now?

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  1. Jonah Leseni

    With the growing no of cases, it’s becoming apparent that young ladies are falling pray to married men and end up being left to struggle.

    May 3, 2021 at 4:19 pm

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