Somalia restores diplomatic relations with Kenya

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Somalia restores diplomatic relations with Kenya

Somalia has restored diplomatic relations with Kenya after mediation by the Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim Al Thani.

In a statement by the Ministry of Information, on Thursday, Somalia said it was resuming the relations “in keeping with the interests of good neighbourliness”.

Mogadishu severed ties with Nairobi on December 15, 2020, over claims of interference with its domestic politics, which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said were unfounded

Somalia further noted that Kenya has welcomed the move.

“The two governments agree to keep friendly relations between the two countries on the basis of principles of mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity, non-interference in each other’s internal affairs, equality, mutual benefit and peaceful co-existence,” the statement said.

Late April, Somalia further accused Kenya and Djibouti of interference in internal affairs through their AU Peace and Security Council membership.

This was moments after it had asked the AU to intervene and facilitate negotiations in its electoral standoff.

“It has come to our attention that two AUSPC members, namely, the Republic of Kenya and the Republic of Djibouti, are engaged in sinister campaigns aimed at derailing the political process in Somalia by trying to influence the outcome of AUPSC meeting to detriment of the future of the Somali people,” Somalia said in a statement delivered to the AU.

On Thursday, President Uhuru Kenyatta received a message from the Emir al Thani through his special envoy Mutlaq bin Majed al Qahtani.

Al Qahtani is the Special Envoy of Qatar Foreign Minister for Counterterrorism and Mediation of Conflict Resolution.

On Monday, May 3, the special envoy also delivered a special message to Solaia President Mohamed Farmaajo in Mogadishu.

A statement by Qatar’s Foreign Ministry said the message pertained to their bilateral relations and ways of enhancing and promoting them, “in addition to the recent political developments in Somalia, and the importance of achieving the national reconciliation in order to realize the stability of the country”.

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