‘I never knew my husband was a conductor,’ Sarah Kabu says.

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‘I never knew my husband was a conductor,’ Sarah Kabu says.

Bonfire boss Sarah Kabu says by the time she went to introduce her husband Simon Kabu to her mother she did not know he was a conductor. Simon did a lot of odd jobs back in the day to make ends meet and among them was a conductor.Speaking to Massawe Japanni on Radio Jambo, Sarah says,‘I never told them because at the time we went home for introductions I did not know, I found out later. My mum valued family a lot and by the time I was 30 she had started getting worried, She always advised me not to be so focused on finding a rich man. I told her I had found someone she was very supportive, because at the time I already had my own car and a decent house.’ At the time Simon Kabu was driving the company car and did not know that Sarah has her own car and when he did find out he was impressed.‘During our first date he wanted to drop me home with the company car but I told him I had mine, He was not intimidated like other guys I had dated before and I was impressed. We started dating and the rest is history.On what might have made Simon take their relationship to the next level Sarah said,’‘Maybe he saw a bright future because I was independent, he was hardworking but it seemed like his blessing had at the time not unlocked. He might have felt I was the right person to help unlock them.’The couple have gone ahead to establish the top tour and travel company ‘Bonfire Adventures.’

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