Nakuru to be elevated to a city as senate committee approves application.


Nakuru to be elevated to a city as senate committee approves application.

Senate Devolution Committee on Tuesday, May 25, approved Nakuru county’s application to elevate the town’s status to that of a city.

The report by the committee is set to be debated by the Senate next week.

In the recent past, the county government of Nakuru have been pushing for its status, saying that it should be made a city.

If the House approves the committee’s report, the town will be the fourth city in Kenya after Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu.

Earlier, Nakuru governor Lee Kinyanjui appointed a team to make recommendations to Senate and county assembly on the elevation of Nakuru, which the devolution committee has now approved.

The county boss said the town was poised to be elevated to city status, arguing that Nakuru was currently considered the fourth-largest town in Kenya and has met most of the requirements.

“The city status milestone will unlock Nakuru’s economic potential. No leader should oppose the move just for the sake of it,” the county chief said. 

However, the move to change the status of the town brought to the fore some issues, among them the eviction of street children.

The government was accused of throwing street families into the forest to prepare the town for elevation. 

This led to a Senate Labour Committee chaired by Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja accusing the government of being insensitive and acting contrary to the international conventions regarding the protection and care of children, the Constitution and the Children’s Act 2001.

They asked the national government and other stakeholders involved in the elevation of towns to halt the process in Nakuru until the matter was conclusively dealt with. 

According to the report, 41 street children who were spread across the vast Nakuru town were assembled and bundled into two county government vehicles, held in detention for several hours before being ferried to Chemasusu Forest in Baringo county, where they were dumped.

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