Masten Wanjala paid for his way out of police custody


Masten Wanjala paid for his way out of police custody

It has emerged that the self confessed serial killer Masten Wanjala paid for his freedom.

Wanjala confessed to murdering more than 13 minors some months ago in his home Bungoma county, Nairobi and the eastern parts of the country including Machakos

He however escaped from lawful custody on Wednesday, October 13 at jogoo road and travelled to Bungoma by secretly riding on a cargo trailer that was en route to his home county

This was after he managed to execute his escape plan after associating with petty offenders at the Jogoo road police station. He disguised himself and lined up alongside other inmates who were being released on the day after parting with some cash.

He had been detained at the Nairobi’s jogoo road police post for close to a month waiting for trial.

According to reports by Citizen Tv, Wanjala acquired his freedom after handing the officers manning the station an unspecified amount of money.

After giving out the cash as other inmates did, Wanjala was able to make his way out of the station undisturbed

The officers on duty were later detained following wanjala’e escape including the Police inspector Philip Mbithi and Constables Boniface Mutuma and precious Mwende

Wanjala was lynched to death by mob in his native locality in Mukhewya, Bungoma County. He died on the spot.

Wanjala: self proclaimed serial killer

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