Vera sidika is enjoying motherhood


Vera sidika is enjoying motherhood

Vera Sidika, gave birth to her daughter on October 20th at Nairobi hospital

Vera Sidika disclosed that she is able to breastfeed her baby despite undergoing cosmetic breast surgery in the past
Brown Mauzo recently released an album, V, dedicated to his wife and second daughter, praising them
Vera was chauffeured home in a limousine after giving birth at the Nairobi Hospital and she says she is enjoying her motherhood journey so far.

The new mom has been sharing her delivery and motherhood progress on social media. She said that’s she has been breastfeeding her baby since she gave birth to her.

Talking to social media, vera said she wouldn’t mind having another baby soon. She wrote on social media, asking how soon can someone have another baby after undergoing CS delivery

Brown Mauzo who was very excited to meet his new born daughter, chauffeured them in a fancy limousine from hospital.

Vera Sidika and boyfriend Brown mauzo with their bundle of joy

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