British soldier suspected of killing a Kenyan woman and dumping her body in a septic tank then joked about it on Facebook


British soldier suspected of killing a Kenyan woman and dumping her body in a septic tank then joked about it on Facebook

The British soldier suspected of killing and dumping the body of a Kenyan woman joked about it on Facebook
Codenamed Soldier X, the soldier shared photos of the hotel where the incident happened and captioned it “If you know, you know”
This was followed by comments from colleagues who were with him in Kenya when he is suspected to have committed the crime

Body of Agnes Wanjiru, 21, was found at a hotel in Nanyuki, Kenya, in March 2012
British soldier accused of murder has allegedly been named by his fellow troops
Post resurfaced where troops appear to joke about the incident on social media

British soldiers joked about the death of Agnes Wanjiru (pictured) several years after her body was found in a hotel sceptic tank in Nanyuki, central Kenya, it has been claimed
British soldiers laughed about the death of a mother whose body was discovered in a hotel sceptic tank in Kenya

Mother-of-one Agnes Wanjiru, 21, was found at the Lions Court Hotel in Nanyuki, close to the British Army Training Unit Kenya camp, two months after she disappeared in March 2012.

A soldier – Soldier X – accused of the murder has reportedly been named by fellow troops after he allegedly confessed to the killing.

The Sunday Times has also reported that another soldier reported the incident to senior officers at the time – but no action was taken.

It has prompted the Labour Party to call on the Government to investigate any possible ‘cover-up’.

Now the newspaper has reported that a group of nine British soldiers joked about the death on social media several years after she was last seen entering a hotel room with Soldier X.

A member of the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment, the same regiment Soldier X reportedly served in, posted two photos of the Lions Court Hotel on Facebook.

The pictured included the caption ‘If you know, you know’ with a crying with laughter emoji.

A number of soldiers responded to the post with one posting a ghost emoji while another posted the words ‘sceptic tank’.

A general view of the main entrance of the Lion’s Court Lodge which is currently closed for renovations where most of British soldiers go for entertainment after their trainings in Nanyuki

The naked body of mother-of-one Ms Wanjiru was found in a septic tank at the Lions Court Inn hotel (pictured) in the village of Nanyuki, central Kenya, two months after her disappearance
A third wrote: ‘Rum gaff’ – meaning ‘dodgy place’.

Soldier X posted an emoji of an angel. Other soldiers then responded with crying-laughing emojis, followed by a cartoon of a baby crying at a funeral from TV show Family Guy.

One member then asked Soldier X if he gets ‘all choked up thinking about that place’ – an apparent reference to allegations he killed Agnes by choking her during sex.

He said: ‘Come to think of it I have had a sore throat today.’

When asked about the conversation on Facebook, Soldier X declined to comment.

He previously told the newspaper ‘rumours’ had been going round that he was responsible that ‘bordered on bullying’.

Nanyuki is heavily dependent on the income from British soldiers based at the Nyati Barracks
He added: ‘But there’s nothing you can do when you’re in the military, and people say stuff like that, but honestly, it’s full of lies.’

Army chief is ‘appalled’ at claims British soldiers were involved in killing of Kenyan prostitute whose body was found in septic tank – and says he is ‘determined’ to ‘establish the facts’
Referring to his army colleagues, he said: ‘There’s a lot of idiots, but there’s no real truth in it.’

The naked body of Ms Wanjiru – who left behind a five-month-old daughter – was found at the hotel nearly a decade ago by a maintenance worker after a foul smell.

The sex worker’s family has been pushing for answers and claims British and Kenyan authorities have staged a cover-up to maintain diplomatic relations.

The UK sends six infantry battalions a year for eight-week exercises to the nearby Nanyuki army base.

Ms Wanjiru’s body lay in the tank for two months before it was discovered, by which time the British troops had long since departed Kenya.

Members of the regiment allege the name of her killer was an open secret, with five different soldiers identifying the same person to the Sunday Times.

But the British Army has never held an inquiry and none of those present on the night have been questioned by superiors.

An inquest was held in Kenya in 2019 in which a judge ruled the mother was ‘murdered by British soldiers’ but no subsequent action was taken by the army.

Rose Wanyua (C) sister to Agnes Wanjiru who is said to have been killed by a British soldier, shows journalists pictures of her sister at her home in Majengo Slums in Nanyuki in Kenya
An MoD spokesman said: ‘In 2012, Special Investigation Branch carried out initial enquiries in Kenya, including providing information about British personnel to the Kenyan Police. No further requests were received at that time.’

‘Following the conclusion of a Kenyan inquest in 2019, we are aware that the Kenyan authorities are looking into this incident.

‘The jurisdiction for this investigation rests with the Kenyan Police, and we are currently in discussions with the Kenyan authorities offering our full support and cooperation with their inquiries.

‘Due to this being subject to an ongoing investigation it would be inappropriate to comment further.’

On the tragic death of Agnes Wanjiru in Kenya in 2012, an MoD spokesman added: ‘The Defence Secretary is impatient with the pace of this and has directed full cooperation.

‘He is working with the Military and Kenyan Police to ensure their investigation is not impeded.’

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