Government orders mid-term break for secondary schools after student’s unrest


Government orders mid-term break for secondary schools after student’s unrest

The Ministry of Education announced the resumption of a four-day half-term break in all secondary schools
Education Principal Secretary Julius Jwan announced that secondary schools would proceed for a mid-term break on Friday, November 19
The learners will be expected back on Tuesday, November 23

In a circular to regional and county directors of education,the ministry of education has announced the resumption of the four day half term break to all secondary schools.

The students are expected back in November 23rd

After the education calendar was disrupted by the emergence of COVID-19, the school calendar was reworked to recoup the period lost during the long colours of the learning institutions

For instance, schools reopened for the second term on September 11 and it was scheduled to run non-stop for 11 weeks

However, the term has been characterized by a wave of students unrest

Some learners went on a rampage over considering ‘petty reasons’ while in extreme cases, some torched their dormitories

On Monday, November 1, Kenyan secondary school head teachers asked the government to close education institutions for a half term break to avert fire crisis that were in the increase

Kahi indimuli, the KenyaSecondary Schools Heads association (KSSHA) chairperson, said students were agitating for a break by burning down schools

“children have a tendency of asking for certain things in certain ways. We shouldn’t wait for other schools to be burnt down before we approve a break” Indimuli said

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