78-year old man found pouring salt into a girls private parts

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78-year old man found pouring salt into a girls private parts

A 78-year-old man was lynched by irate mob after he was caught pouring salt inside a 7-year-old girl’s genital parts in Kericho County.

The suspect; Vitalis Kipkorir, 78, was accosted by three men who caught him committing the barbaric act.

The three men later raised alarm attracting the attention of the members of the public who responded in large numbers ready to lynch the man.

The 7-year-old Sharon Kirui was going to buy cales at the local kiosk next to her home when the suspect lured her with kshs5.

According to police reports seen by the press, the suspect heard some salt wrapped in a polythene paper, saying he used it in eating a raw mango.

When confronted about his illegal business inside the bush, the suspect said he was hiding the minor from a group of men who wanted to kidnap her.

The suspect was pleaded with the irate mob to forgive him before the police intervened.

Police officers attached to Kericho police station rescued the elderly man from the lynching mob and rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment.

The police said their efforts to admit the man to the hospital proved futile as he succumbed to his injuries on his way to the hospital.

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