Maranda high school dormitory burns overnight.

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Maranda high school dormitory burns overnight.

The famous Maranda High School has finally joined the list of shame after students lit the dormitories on Sunday night.

According to various reports, a 500 capacity dormitory was burnt to ashes in the night inferno that left a big shock to students and teachers who scampered for safety.

Maranda, one of the top Kenyans schools is responsible for producing brilliant minds and excellent results in all National examinations.

It now unfortunately joins over 20 schools that have burnt down their school in the last one month.

According to experts, the growing inferno’s in schools is a sign of students getting fatigued and finding ways of communicating to the government.

Magoha last week announced the return of midterm breaks to both Primary and Secondary students to help in curbing the ongoing infernos in schools.

However, that seems not to work as more schools have been torched since the announcement. Kenyans are still shocked with the current events especially after the students spent an entire school calendar year at home due to Covid.

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