CS education professor George Magoha finally speaks out on student’s unrest


CS education professor George Magoha finally speaks out on student’s unrest

Education Cabinet Secretary, professor George Magoha has finally opened up about the ongoing Arson attempts in different schools that has been witnessed in the past few days where a number of schools have been torched under unclear circumstances.

In the past few weeks, several schools have gone up in flames sparking A lot of mixed reactions from a number of kenyans along with politicians who called upon the government through the Cabinet secretary of education professor George Magoha to comment on this issue.

While reacting to this incidents, kenyans who expressed their different opinions and suggestions on the matter have called upon the government to find an alternative final solution to the problem that has lead to the loss of properties and even left some of the students hurt in the process.

For most Kenyans, they claimed that this was happening due to the abolished caning in schools that was put in place under the leadership of the, then Cabinet secretary of education Kalonzo Musyoka after a number of students lost their lives after being beaten by teachers for different reasons.

In an earlier statement, Magoha said that the government was not going to pay for the damages caused by Students who are found guilty of burning and destroying the government’s properties. According to the reports given by Magoha, he said that parents whose kids are found guilty of doing this will be forced to pay for them dearly.

“I would like to make one thing clear. The government is not going to pay for properties that have been burnt or destroyed by students. Parents whose children are found guilty of destroying school properties will pay”, Cs Magoha.

In his latest statement, Cs Magoha has revealed that the government or rather, the ministry of Education is going to make sure that students who are found guilty of any Arson attempts will not be allowed to join any other public schools. Magoha who blamed parents claimed that most of these students lack manners that should be taught to them by parents.

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