KDF soldiers involved in a grisly road accident.

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KDF soldiers involved in a grisly road accident.

KDF chopper has been dispatched to evacuate several Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) personnel who were involved in a road accident. The incident which took place along the busy Miruka highway were from the recent Kenya Army military passout.

According to witnesses, the vehicle was carrying over 20 personnel in the truck when it lost control and rolled before landing in a ditch. The officers had been seconded from Department of Defence headquarters to attend the burial of a senior Military colleague who had passed on a few days earlier.

The vehicle was extensively damaged from the impact before police from Miruka towed it to the police station. The injured were rushed to Nyamira Level 4 hospital for emergency treatment while the chopper evacuated the others to Nairobi for the critical care. The County Commissioner Amos Mariba confirmed the incident and reported that no person died in the accident.

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