Happening now: Mbale high school on fire

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Happening now: Mbale high school on fire

News reaching out desk indicate that Mbale Boys High School found in Vihiga county is currently on fire.

Vinco Vin among other people have shared the news on Facebook.

Cases of fire outbreaks in our schools have really increased in our country. Students have decided to burn down dormitories. It really leaves parents and teacher’s wondering what will be next for our schools. The ministry of education is also stranded on what is happening. We therefore need to stand form as a country, talk to our students and offer enough guidance and counselling. Otherwise, we shall experience more damages.

If you have a student studying at Mbale Boys High School, kindly confirm their safety.

Remember to share this article to help other parents who have students at the school, to confirm safety of their children. Thank you for sharing.

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