Nurse caught red handed trying to engage his patient in the act.

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Nurse caught red handed trying to engage his patient in the act.

Police officers based in Makueni county have launched a manhunt for a male nurse who has been fond of forcefully engaging in the act with female patients who come to seek medication at a facility where he works as a nurse. In the latest scenario, the nurse forcefully wanted to engage in the act with a form four girl was who had slept in the hospital after getting ill.

According to Antony Nderetu, the Police commander in Kilungu Sub-county, the incident took place on 23rd September 2021 after the school girl visited the facility for treatment. Despite the happening, the Kikoko mission school did not file a report until 23rd October when the victim’s mother complained. It is said that the nurse who had worked at the facility for two and a half years disappeared into thin air when he learned that the men in blue are after his pursuit.

A police officer said that the nurse tried undressing the 17-year-old girl in the wee hours of the night, she was resting in one of the hospital wards. When the girl sensed danger she sounded an alarm which prompted the nurse to run away because he feared being caught.

Currently, the officer has been fired and police officers have launched a manhunt to arrest him.

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