Happening now: Another school on fire,,,Homa boy

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Happening now: Another school on fire,,,Homa boy

Over the recent few weeks, there have been incidents in where many schools have had cases of arson reported in their premises.

The fires have in some cases been started by students who have been arrested and placed under custody awaiting trial in a court of law.

This morning, reports reaching us just now is that Karabok Secondary School found in Oyugis town is currently on fire.

According to the reports, one of the dormitories in the school is burning in a fire whose cause is not yet established.

A fire engine has arrived at the institution and efforts to put out the fire have commenced as the students and the faculty look on in horror.

Kabarok Secondary School is a boarding high school in Oyugis in the county of Homa Bay.

Incidents of fires in schools have been on the rise and the Ministry of Education as well as school heads are unsure of how to go about this menace.

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