Man finds brother and mother in bed, in broad daylight


Man finds brother and mother in bed, in broad daylight

A 25-year-old man has broken the window and found his elder brother in bed with his mother in broad daylight in Uyawi, Siaya County.

Police reports seen by the press revealed that the man returned home to have his breakfast from his farm on friday morning and found the door closed.

A neighbour who spoke to the press said the man knocked the door several times and after realising the two were not responding, he opted to broke the window, and found his elder brother and mother in bed.

The unfortunate incident left many residents cracking their hairs, with some milling around the house to catch a glimpse of what was going on in the house.

The latest development comes barely two months after a similar incident happened in Ndori, Bondo Sub-County.

The man dragged his elder brother outside but was rescued shortly from a lynching mob who was baying for his blood by the area assistant chief.

The village elders condemned the incident saying it is a very bad practise in the village.

The elders are now planning to conduct a cleansing ceremony to wash away the evil spirits from the homestead.

The woman’s elder son will give the clan elders eight goats as a fine for sharing a bed with his mother.

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