Mysterious death of two love birds in Umoja Nairobi


Mysterious death of two love birds in Umoja Nairobi

The unanswered phone calls and terrible stench led detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to the lifeless bodies of Eric Maina alias Mpole, and his girlfriend Leilah Truphena. The two young lovebirds were living in Umoja estate when the incident happened.

According to Nation Africa, the two had no known jobs or source of income but lived in a two-bedroom, well-furnished flat on the fourth floor of a new apartment block in Zone eight of the expansive estate. It further reports that they had a YouTube page – The Mlepos.

It is alleged that Maina wanted to be a musician and even uploaded a few songs as well as some videos of his girlfriend on the YouTube channel. The last video had been uploaded two weeks ago before they met the macabre death.

The video showed the young couple, who were visibly happy, giving each other challenges in a do or dare game. The video further received some positive comments from their fans but the latest replies are those mourning them.

In a tweet sent by DCI, the two were found lying in a pool of blood with several stab wounds. It was also reported that some items worth thousands of shillings were missing. Investigations are still ongoing.

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