Class six pupil stabs classmate to death following an argument over stolen book.

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Class six pupil stabs classmate to death following an argument over stolen book.

class six boy stabbed his classmate death following a fight over stolen book inside class in Nairobi County.

According to police OB number xx/13/12/11/2021 reports filed at the police station by the school headteacher, the incident happened when pupils were on their first break at around 9:07am on Friday morning.

The duo identified as; Samson Ochieng, 11, and Victor Misula, 10, reportedly engaged in a fist fight that later led to the sad end of events.

The victim has been searching his book for all this days, only for book to be found in Samson’s bag before the unfortunate incident happened.

Sources privy to the alleged incident revealed that Samson stole Victor’s mathematics book two weeks ago.

Victor demanded to know where the suspect got the book from, and the latter said that the book belongs to him and a confrontation ensued between them.

The two fought each other for few minutes and the suspect (Victor) grabbed a kitchen knife from his bag and stabbed his friend to death before they were told to go to the staffroom to be disciplined.

Fellow classmates who got wind of the incident outside notified the teacher on duty who reported the matter to the school headteacher.

The headteacher who raced inside the classroom found the body of the pupil lying in a pool of blood infront of their classroom.

He later notified the police officers who responded to the scene and moved the body of the deceased to Nairobi City mortuary.

The suspect is currently being detained at police station pending police investigations on the matter.

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