Students in Katse secondary flee to safety after seeing ‘white people’ dance in the middle of the night.


Students in Katse secondary flee to safety after seeing ‘white people’ dance in the middle of the night.

Reports that Katse Girls Secondary School was visited with ‘white people’ has hit the internet.

According to a police report seen at Mumoni Police Station, Mumoni Sub-county in Kitui County, Form Four and Form Three students stormed out of their dormitory after seeing white people, reportedly ghosts dancing in the dorm late in the night.

Without thinking, the students stormed out of their dorm to the nearest primary school where each ran to their homes.

The school was unaware of the incident until one of the parents whose daughter had arrived home late in the night went to school to enquire on what had happened.

On arrival at the school, the administration was unaware of the incident.

The school principal accompanied by the school watchman went to the Form 4 and Form 3 dormitory to enquire on what had happened, only to be welcomed by an empty dormitory.

Upon asking one of the students, it was later revealed that students had seen the white people dancing in their dorm, something that scared them to run for safety.

The school principal reported this matter at the Mumoni Police Station.

With the recent burning of schools, the school has been closed until 23rd November, 2021.

“The principal and the watchman went to Form Three and Fours dormitory to find out what had happened only to find that they were all not in the dormitory. The matter was reported at Mumoni Police station.The scene was visited and it was established that 46 form Three and Four were missing. One student was reached and upon interview said that they woke up at around 0100 hrs and saw white people dancing in the dormitory prompting them to run to Katuka Primary School for safety and thereafter, each went to their respective homes.The (B. O. M) Board of management and the Sub County Director for Education Mr Osman Eno met and a decision to send form ones and twos home and close the school until 23/11/2021was reached. Case P.U.I,” the report reads in part.

However, the administration didn’t comment on whether ghosts visited the school dorm or it was just a move by the students to have the school closed.

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