Students who fail to pay Ksh 10,000 turned away by police officers at Kakamega high school

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Students who fail to pay Ksh 10,000 turned away by police officers at Kakamega high school

On 6 November 2021, a dormitory at Kakamega School in Kakamega county caught fire, with the cause of the fire yet to be established. This was one of the schools that have been burnt down this month across the country.

The Board of Management of the school went ahead to declare that the students will have to raise the 21.6 million shillings approximated to be enough to cover damages.

With a population of 2,265 students, this means that each student is required to pay Ksh 9,833 before being allowed back into the school. This led Kakamega county Governor Wycliffe Oparanya to raise concern that parents may be taken advantage of, without an official valuation done.

This concern led to the school breaking down the required amount as follows; 12 million for repair of the burn dormitory, 700,000 shillings for re-installation of CCTV, 4 million shillings for purchase of new metallic beds and 4 million shillings for small repairs.

Well, today being 15 November 2021, the form four students are reporting back to Kakamega school, after which the form 3 will follow, then form 2 and lastly form 1.

As covered by KTN News, there are police officers at the school’s gate, where checks are being done to ensure that a student has paid the required amount before being allowed to enter the institution, while all parents are not allowed to go past the gate for whatever reason.

A police officers responsible for checking whether a student has paid the required amount at Kakamega school

Those students that have not managed to raise the 9,833 shillings are being turned away. No parent is being allowed by the police to stick around the school’s gate.

A case in point is one teacher who is a parent at the institution, who said that she had borrowed a loan from Mwalimu Sacco and was waiting for disbursement within the week, yet she was still turned away, despite showing them the official notification from the sacco.

The big question remains, what of the poor parents that can’t raise the 10,000 in time? Also, why return to school on 15 November when the mid terms start on 19 November? Does it really make any sense?

The management at the institution refused to speak to KTN News.

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