Matiangi in trouble after the president gave an ultimatum

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Matiangi in trouble after the president gave an ultimatum

President Uhuru Kenyatta has issued ultimatums making it clear that the terrorist must be arrested with the shortest time possible or heads will roll. According to Uhuru Kenyatta, it’s clear the prison department has let him down but it’s clear the terrorist must be arrested as they are a threat to the people of Kenya.

Angry Uhuru Kenyatta has ordered CS Fred Matiangi to give him a report of the steps carried forward concerning the arrest of the terrorists within the shortest time possible. According to Citizen TV, Uhuru is clear there will be no sacred cows if the terrorists are not arrested.

The visibly angry Uhuru is said to have been extremely bitter with Matiangi following the security inconsistencies lately. It’s a fact we have had security issues lately since the CS started involving himself in matters politics.

Uhuru according to Citizen TV instructed CS Fred Matiangi to ensure everybody was brought to book within the shortest time instead of talking only. The president made it clear that all top officers in the prisons as all department of government must coordinate and work together untill the terrorists are arrested and taken back to Kamiti.

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