Another school on fire in Busia county

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Another school on fire in Busia county

Magnet is a renown high school in Busia county. The school has reported fire insidence this evening as one of the domitories is set into flames.

The insidence has been confirmed by the deputy county commissioner, adding that no casualties reported yet.

The Busia fire fighters have been deployed in the site of insidence as rescue team are also doing all they could to ensure safety of some properties.

Items such as book, bedding materials have recorded some damages following the occurence of this inferno.

More investigations are still underway as to what exactly caused the fire which occured during the evening classes.

This insidence come just after several schools have experienced the same as jamuhuri being the latest school to record such insidence.

Parents have been worried of the sudden happening which have occured just hours to the midterm break as was planned by the ministry of education that is expected to start on Friday 19th of November.

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