14 students jump off a moving car after smoking weed


14 students jump off a moving car after smoking weed

Drama has been witnessed in Kirinyaga as 14 students from Fred’s Grammer mixed secondary headed home for the midterm break jumped off a moving car ferrying them home disappearing into the bush.

The students boarded a 2NK matatu from school as usual. Things became fishy when they approached Kibingoti located along the Nyeri-Nairobi highway where the driver sensed an eerie smell coming from the back. When he looked back to check what was going on using the rear view mirror, he saw a cloud of smoke coming from the back.

The students were smoking rolls of bhang with alcohol while making noise. When he tried to warn them, they became unruly and continued with their illegal activities. According to the DCI, the driver of the vihicle decided to teach the students a lesson and drove them to Sagana police station.

The students however noticed the detour and quickly jumped out of the moving vehicle as it appraoched the police station. The driver reported the incident to the police and they have since asked the school’s principal to aid in identifying the 14 student as their search begins.

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