Drama in Kisii as ‘body refuses to go home’


Drama in Kisii as ‘body refuses to go home’

There was a dramatic scene along Kisii-Kilgoris road after a hearse that was transporting the body of a businessman from Kisii county grounded to a halt for several hours.

According to the family, such an incident has never happened in their family and it was the first one. It was alleged that the late businessman man was not happy with his family.

Several elders had to intervene and plead with the deceased before the journey continued. Sources have it that the late didn’t want his estranged wife and father-in-law to participate in his funeral ceremony.

The wife was asked to move out of the hearse so that the spirit of the deceased can be happy and accept to be transported for the burial. Strangle the elders communicated with the body and after a few minutes the vehicle which had been grounded for hours swiftly moved.

Sources revealed that the estranged wife squandered the money that she was being sent by his husband who was working in the US, instead of investing she could use it lavishly, and when the husband came back he was unhappy. He succumbed to Covid-19 complications.

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