‘We paid for our way out of kamiti maximum prison’


‘We paid for our way out of kamiti maximum prison’

A worrying report shared reveals that the three fugitives didn’t not burrow through the walls of their cells as earlier alleged. Instead, they were aided by corrupt warders to saunter through the main gate. A thing that has sparked alot of reactions from people across the country.

“He said that they had bribed their way out and they had walked out without struggle through main gate of Kamiti prison.” A statement quoted from Saturday Nation.

The claim by Abikar that they had been escorted through main gate at Kamiti is likely to thrust the management of the prison into even more scrutiny. While senior administrators have been arrested and could be arraigned on Monday, this news raises more fundamental questions regarding the integrity of those charged with guarding the most dangerous criminals in the country.

Even more tellingly, the CCTV cameras installed at the prison were somehow not working on the day are said to have escaped for a short lived freedom.

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