Woman chops off husband’s private parts


Woman chops off husband’s private parts

A woman identified as Esther has been arrested after she did unthinkable act to his lovely husband.

The incident happened in kirindara village in meru county. This is after the two had a domestic quarrel that made the woman attack his man with a machete, and chopped off his manhood in the process.

The suspect claims that his husband tried to send her away. Furthermore, he stopped giving her money to buy food even after he harvested Miraa because she refused to leave.

According to their child, her mother hid a knife under the bed when they went to sleep and in the middle of the night, she awoke and began assaulting her father.

Confirming the incident, assistant Chief Edward Mutalili said that he had never heard of such a thing and was used to hearing similar cases in Kiambu and Nyeru.

He further said, “It has now occurred in Kirindara, and I urge couples to seek professional counseling services when disagreements arise.”

Mutalili urged members of the community to report such incidents before they occur, noting that the government has networks in hospitals that provide free mental health care.

The victim has been taken to hospital and he is under medication.

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