Class 8 pupil reports five teachers to police, after which they were arrested


Class 8 pupil reports five teachers to police, after which they were arrested

Five teachers of St Augustine Mukumu boys primary school in Kakamega County were arrested on Friday, November 19, after one of their students filed a complaint with the police.

According to police OB report number 22/19/11/2021 filed at Khayega Police Station and seen by Nairobi Leo, a class 8 student from the primary school claimed the five assaulted him.

Students of St Augustine Mukumu Boys Primary in Kakamega.

“..a Luhyia male juvenile aged 14 years and a class 8 pupil from St. Augustine Mukumu boys primary school had reported a case of assault by teachers in the said school,” the police OB report reads in part.

Police officers investigated the matter leading to the arrest of the five namely Adelaide Athaka Majoni, Vincent Kadasia Mbakaya, Argedius Lubembe, Victor Andove Achesa and Eglay Lungatso Lilungu.

The five were, however, released on the same day after parting with Sh10,000 cash bail.

They will be arraigned on Monday, November 22, at Kakamega Law Courts where they will face charges of assault and corporal punishment.

The incident comes at a time when parents and education stakeholders are calling for the re-introduction of canning in school to restore discipline.

This is after several secondary schools in the country reported fire incidents that were allegedly caused by students.

The rising arson cases in school prompted the education ministry to fix a half-term break, which was not scheduled in the earlier released academic calendar.

The break was to cool rising tension across the country and for students to be relieved from the highly demanding academic calendar.

Corporal punishment was banned in schools over reports of teachers overdoing it.  

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