Daylight drama as police surround robbers inside equity bank


Daylight drama as police surround robbers inside equity bank

Incidents of robberies in the country have been on a high in the recent past but police have always been on high alert to ensure that such cases are stopped in their tracks.

These cases of robbery in the country have brought the economy to a standstill but police in conjunction with the public, have been able to avert most of these cases.

This morning, a robbery attempt at Equity Bank Kisumu Branch has been foiled after police intercepted the robbers.

The robbers who are still at the bank have been ordered to surrender by the police who are still outside of the building.

The police have the entire building surrounded and chances of escape for the robbers are very slim.

The situation is under control except for the fact that the robbers are in the building and what they have in terms of weapons is not yet known.

Police hope to ensure that they control the situation and have the robbers arrested and placed under custody.

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