Sad news as university student dies of hunger


Sad news as university student dies of hunger

Sadly, South Eastern Kenya University is mourning the Death of one of their students who died under unclear circumstances. The victim was identified as Finkel Polycarp Rayola who was a fourth year student in the school of science and computing. He was taking a course leading to Bachelor of Telecommunication and Information Technology.

These sad news have left the university students in grief mourning the death of one of them. According to some report by Students Polycarp had sent messages to some students begging for fifty Kenya shillings to buy food. This suggests that he may have died of hunger.

He died in his room at midnight. Prior to his death he had sent messages to friends and family members requesting for fifty Kenya shillings to buy food but they Ignored him.

Currently the same fake friends who denied him fifty shillings are posting him on WhatsApp statuses faking love and grief. This shows how the world is wicked and only values the dead.

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