8 counties mentioned to be hotspots for terrorists

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8 counties mentioned to be hotspots for terrorists

A few days after the Kamiti 3 convicted terrorists escaped from prison and later arrested, a new report has emerged where the security agencies and Kenyans are put on high alert over possible terror attacks in eight counties. The security agencies have been informed to maintain a close eye on the eight counties as the report say that there have been a shift in nature of terrorism. According to reports, it has been established that radicalization and training of terrorists has been happening in new areas within the country which is contrary to the tradition where only certain areas are known for the acts of terror.

The report says that Uasin Gishu County, Nakuru County, Kakamega County, Nyeri County, Marsabit County, Bungoma County, Busia County as well as Siaya County have emerged as the new hotspots which the security agencies have been told to keep a keen eye on. The residents of these counties are also told to remain on the lookout and report any suspicious incident. 

This comes on the eve of a festive season where details have disclosed that even as the nation remains peaceful with few terror related cases, security agencies as well as Kenyans need to remain on high alert. A new study has also determined that the al Shabaab militia have fragmented into small groups which are said to have spread across many parts of the country.

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