Moi Forces Lanet dormitory burns to ashes


Moi Forces Lanet dormitory burns to ashes

Over the recent few months, there has been an increase in the number of school burnings that have been witnessed in the country with no definitive solution to the chaos being witnessed.

National schools as well as junior schools have not been spared in the ongoing chaos that has been witnessed in the country for the last few weeks.

This morning, we have received reports that Moi Forces Academy, Lanet Girls High School burnt to ashes last night.

Students resumed school after the mid term break and a few hours later, the school was billowing in smoke in the midnight incident.

It’s unclear as to what started the fire that saw part of the school razed down despite efforts by the County Fire Department to put it out.

Moi Forces Lanet Girls High School is a national school which has always performed excellently in the National Exams.

No one was injured in the incident that happened last night which raises more questions as to who started the fire.

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