Police recover bag full of money after the Equity bank heist in Kisumu


Police recover bag full of money after the Equity bank heist in Kisumu

Probe into the foiled Equity Bank heist at Ang’awa Avenue in Kisumu has been launched. This is after a multi agency security team was deployed to conduct a vigorous and rigorous analysis of the CCTV footage as search for the criminals who attempted the robbery incident continues. 

After the shooting ended inside the bank, the police officers held the bank manager, a number of employees as well as several customers who were taken for questioning. 

One eyewitness who identified himself as Dennis Otieno was at the bank and says that things were dramatic and happened so fast adding that the customers who were waiting to be served quickly fled for their lives after a teller raised alarm. 

However, the robbery incident has taken a new twist as details reveal that a section of customers had already noticed suspicious characters inside the bank and had already alerted the security officers. Additionally, it has emerged that there are high chances the robbers did not have guns. The shooting heard inside the bank is reported to have been done by police officers after the robbers threw teargas canisters as new alleged details emerge.

After the situation normalized, details say that police officers were able to recovered a paper bag which was full of cash. The robbers are said to have already gotten access to the safe. The report says that the robbers broke into the safe where they collected the money. 

The police officers also recovered a big spanner. The report says that the robbers used the metallic object to threaten the cashiers so that they could surrender the money. Details allege that the robbers were pretending that the big spanner was a gun which made the cashiers to give in and surrender the cash.

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