High school students caught behind a pub abusing drugs


High school students caught behind a pub abusing drugs

The issue of discipline in schools has been a subject of discussion in recent months with several schools closed due to student unrest. The several schools were recently razed down, forcing the government to intervene and introduce the midterm break to allow the schools to recollect themselves and come back ready to learn in harmony. 

The issue of drug abuse has been mentioned as the major cause of indiscipline among students. Earlier today a group of Students from various schools were busted smoking bhang and siping alcohol in Maragua town as they headed back to school. 

The students, a mixture of boys and girls, were consuming the drugs behind one of the popular pubs in the small town when curious residents confronted them.

The students, not waiting for the angry residents to get near them, scattered in different directions staggering as a result of intoxication from the hard drugs.

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