Pastor in Homabay kills wife and commits suicide


Pastor in Homabay kills wife and commits suicide

A pastor in Homabay County stabbed his wife to death and killed himself by suicide in a suspected domestic brawl.

The couple; Jack Onyango, 65, and his sweetheart Lydia Onyango, 32, had a troubled marriage that later ended tragically.

Police said the woman’s lifeless body was discovered lying on the bed and that of the pastor was found on the floor.

Witnesses accounts revealed that there was a chaotic argument inside the house, before the two bodies were discovered.

“We don’t know the motive behind this, but we suspect it is due to a domestic brawl. We are investigating,” one of the police officers told the press.

The motive behind the incident is still unkown, with the police investigating what transpired before the man decided to end their lives.

Meanwhile, the bodies of the two were, however, moved to the hospital mortuary for postmortem.

Police investigations are underway to unravel the root cause of the incident.

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