Students in shock after finding watchman’s body in class.


Students in shock after finding watchman’s body in class.

Cases of murder is becoming more unselective,this follows when another reporting,killing of Boniface Pamba nightguard of St.pauls Secondary School,Amukura Teso South constituency,Amerikwai.

The nightguard was said to have reported nightshift on Tuesday evening at 6:00pm.In the morning the following day, students shouted “Soldier Amekufa”, students ran out,the body was found laid on the floor of the classroom highly stoned and beaten with body extremely bleeding.This left St.Pauls principal in unconscious, as this scenario had never been reported before since he joined the School.

According to reports Circulated to the media by Citizen Tv,the residents say Boniface has been perfectly doing well and was good man ,his death is big lose to the school administration since he was trusted, cooperative and sel-discipline during his duties.

The deceased body was taken to nearby Mortuary,Alupe health institute.This is near Alupe University Campus Busia county.This has caused immediate closing of the school, the principal of the school addressed.

Police officers started to investigate the cause of the death. Recently one suspect was found,but it’s unclear whether he participated on the incident.

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