Family collects 15 bodies of relatives from morgue

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Family collects 15 bodies of relatives from morgue

Many people have passed away after being involved in fatal accident. Many accidents withnessed in the country are caused by careless drivers. Some drivers are not qualified to be on our roads because they don’t follow traffic guidelines.

According to the source, tears and sorrow was today witnessed in Embu morgue after families and friends went to collect bodies of their family members. Furthermore, the bodies of the deceased were displayed for viewing. Many broke in tears after viewing their loved ones who perished some few days ago after being involved in a fatal accident which left more than 15 death and others with injuries.

The bodies were taken to Kivue Primary School for joint mass.

It is very painful to lose healthy people through these cases of careless drivers. May their souls rest in peace.

Drive safely and also remember; Hurry hurry has no blessings.

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