Happening now: popular school dormitory on fire


Happening now: popular school dormitory on fire

Over the last few weeks, there have been incidents of schools burning across the country and this has alarmed a lot of parents who are constantly worried about the safety of their children at school.

These fires are sometimes started by unruly students who don’t want to be in school in the December holidays as the Ministry of Education hurries on with the syllabus.

This evening, according to Getembe Television Network that airs in Nyamira and Kisii Counties, a popular school from Nyamira County is currently on fire.

Gesiango Secondary School that is found in Bogichora Ward in Nyamira County is currently burning.

According to the 8PM News at Getembe Television Network, the school is currently on fire but efforts are underway to put out the fire.

There’s no student who has been injured in the fire that broke out in one of the dormitories at the school.

Since students resumed classes a few days ago after the midterm break, about six schools have seen fires at their institutions

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