Pastor commits suicide in South B after wife cheated


Pastor commits suicide in South B after wife cheated

A pastor from South B in Nairobi has committed suicide inside his house this afternoon after he found out that his wife was cheating on him yesterday night.

According to the neighbours, the pastor went out yesterday night to attend a meeting inside the church where he usually preach. His wife took the advantage to call another man into the house that same night.

The pastor came back very early in the morning around 4 A.M and heard a man’s sound inside his house. The man was conversing with his wife. He knocked at the door several times and nobody opened. He was then convinced that his wife was cheating on him.

The pastor got angry and called his neighbours to assist him in opening the door. As the neighbours forcefully open the door, they found the pastor’s wife and a man who was well built inside the house.

After the neighbours, pastor’s wife, the well built man and the pastor had a talk, the man was told to carry whatever he came with and go back to his home. He did as he was told and the pastor remained with his wife as the neighbours also walked out.

It’s reported that since morning, the pastor has been stressed up and he didn’t endure the pain anymore. He hence bought a rope and hung himself inside the house. Nobody was around to help and he therefore, died afterwards.

The neighbours called the police men. The police commander and his team arrived at the place where the pastor had hung himself, they collected some data and carried the body of the deceased to city mortuary. The police commander advised those who are married to live together and avoid cheating on their partners. He told them to be loyal to each other to avoid such deaths.

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