Akothee cries out after her health condition worsens


Akothee cries out after her health condition worsens

If you frequently visit social media pages, you must have come across Akothe at some point. She is a social media influencer and a musician who is well grounded to be distracted by naysayers. The beautiful lady is headstrong and no matter the circumstances she always stands still. She is among Kenyan Celebrities who have moved from grass to fame through hardwork and determination.

Some hours ago, Akothe posted on her Instagram official page talking about her current health status. According to her, she told her followers not to ask her how fat she has turned when they meet her since it’s health condition she is suffering from. She added and said that her whole body is swollen due to Struggling with sleepless nights out of pain. She said she is even afraid of going to bed since she always wake up with numbness on her fingers, the situation which scares her.

She concluded by saying she is feeling pity after one of her close relative told her that she is pretending that she is sick which left her speechless. Quick Recovery Akothe.

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