Good news to Kenyans as Uhuru gives new orders

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Good news to Kenyans as Uhuru gives new orders

Today, president of the republic of Kenya hon Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta issued his 8th state of Nation address at the parliament buildings. As usual, the head of state is expected address very important issues affecting the country right from economy to security. During his address, both Senate and the national assembly converged at the same venue to witness this address.

Now, it was during this address where president Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta issued two new orders to the ministry of health and the ministry of education that might be good news to all Kenyans.

The first order was directed to the ministry of health where uhuru ordered Dr Mutahi Kagwe to construct about 50 new health facilities countrywide to help in fighting the issue of diseases. The second order was to professor George Magoah where told him to construct 10,000 classrooms starting from December this year to ensure a smooth transition during the CBC era.

This will be good news to all Kenyans as education as education and health are key pillars in daily life.

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