The president set to address the nation today


The president set to address the nation today

Spokesperson in the Executive Office of the President, Kanze Dena Mararo, has released an official communication of the exact time that President Uhuru Kenyatta will address the nation tomorrow, 30 November 2021.

The President will issue a State of The Nation address to a Joint Seating of Parliament (Senate and National Assembly) at the Parliament Buildings from 2 P.M, which will be aired lived on local media houses.

A State of The Nation address entails the president informing Kenyans of what the government has done in the past one year and what it plans to do and also giving directives.

This will be President Kenyatta’s 8th State of The Nation Address since he took office in 2013. During his last address on 12 November 2020, the President talk about among other issues, the security situation in the country, containment of the Covid-19 pandemic, the economy and development projects.

He is largely expected to touch on similar issues this year and issue new directives where necessary. Kenyans will be keen to see whether the President will join other countries in banning flights from South Africa due to the Omicron strain of Covid-19, after visiting South Africa recently and signing several agreements including ease of movement between Kenya and South Africa.

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