Couple in Nairobi stab themselves to death in a fight


Couple in Nairobi stab themselves to death in a fight

A couple from South B in Nairobi has died this afternoon after the two had a fight.

The couple has been been living together in one of the best flats in South B which is found in Nairobi. They have lived together for three years now and today marked the end.

According to the neighbours, the couple was arguing since yesterday night when they both arrived in the house after a long day at their different working places.

They also started arguing today in the morning. The continued until working hours and so none of them went to report at the convenient working place.

Today at around 8 A.M, the couple started fighting inside their house. The neighbours heard the lady screaming and they rushed to the place to know what was going on.

As the neighbours reached the place, the found out that the couple had closed the door. They looked through the windows and saw the two fighting inside their house. They both had knives on their hands and they had seriously injured each other.

The neighbours tried to break the door to get into the house but by the time they were successful, the two had injured each seriously and they had both died.

The Nairobi Police Commander and other police men arrived at the crime scene and they found the bodies of the deceased on the floor. They took their phones to help them find a good reason why the two had to fight.

The Nairobi Police Commander said that the two died due to excessive bleeding.The police Commander has therefore, advised couples who are living together to try solving their issues in the best way they can to avoid such incidences.

The bodies of the deceased have been carried to city mortuary by the police and their house has been closed until further notice.

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