Happening now: Chesamisi boys high school currently on strike!!


Happening now: Chesamisi boys high school currently on strike!!

Over the last few weeks, schools have been seeing a wave of burnings that has seen tens of schools razed in fires whose source cannot be explained sometimes.
Unrest has also been witnessed in so many parts of Kenya where students have decided to destroy property worth millions of shillings with some getting arrested and facing serious jail time for the unrest and fires.

This morning, according to MULEMBE FM News at 10AM, students from a popular high school in Bungoma are currently on strike.

According to MULEMBE FM, the students are said to be on the main highway near the school where they are holding their demos.

It’s still unclear as to why the students of Chesamisi Boys High School found in Bungoma County have decided to abscond class and go riotous.

Police have been called to the scene to calm the tensions and avoid any unnecessary damage to school and private property around the area.

This is another school in the many that have seen unrest over the last few days after the mid term break that was seen as a solution to the chaos.

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