Sad news as family of 6 die in a tragic road accident

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Sad news as family of 6 die in a tragic road accident

6 family members have died in a tragic road accident this afternoon along Kisii to Kisumu road after the vehicle was hit by a lorry carrying cargo.

Accordingly to the witnesses, the car was being driven at a high speed and the driver hit the lorry after failing to control it. The people who were around rushed to the accident scene tho see if there were any survivors but unfortunately all the 6 had died on the spot.

They informed the police who arrived 30 minutes later and marked the accident scene. They asked the witnesses questions and collected data. They later on carried the bodies of the deceased 6 family members to the mortuary. The car was also moved to the police station.

The police advised drivers to be careful while driving and follow traffic rules to avoid such accidents and death especially during this festive season that we are in.

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