Eight men trapped inside a gold mine confirmed to be alive


Eight men trapped inside a gold mine confirmed to be alive

The Families of eight men who are trapped inside a gold mine in Bondo have been camping at the site for the past three days hoping that their loved ones will be rescued before it’s too late.

The eight hardworking men were trapped after the mine they were working in collapsed on Thursday morning following heavy rains that have been witnessed in the past few days.

According to initial reports, two men were rescued out of the initial group of 10 men. The group was made up of experienced and armature miners who were out to make a living for their families.

Rescue operations have been going on for a while now with locals hopeful that some of the men are still alive inside the shafts. This was after the group communicated to their counterparts on the outside.

They reportedly communicated through the oxygen pipes that they have been using to pass food and clean air. It now remains to be seen whether they will be rescued today.

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