Three students arrested after Maranda dormitory burns again


Three students arrested after Maranda dormitory burns again

Dormitories in schools have been burning for the last few weeks with the government mum on what to do to mitigate this scourge that has shocked many Kenyans.

In some cases, the culprits of these fires have been brought to book while in others, the students who started the fires are still at large and the institutions are unsure of what to do as parents pay the cost.

Earlier today, Maranda High School experienced another fire that saw a Dormitory at the institution brought down.

The fire which broke out at around 11AM, saw another building brought to the ground as the firefighters did all they could to put it out.

This is the second fire incident at the school after 400 form fours were sent home a few days ago for causing chaos in the school.

This evening, reports on our desks is that three students have been arrested in connection to the inferno.

The school has also been closed indefinitely following the fire and all students have been sent home.

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