Revised 2021 KCSE timetable finally out


Revised 2021 KCSE timetable finally out

The most exciting thing though worrying moment in the entire student life is during a national exam. Its the main objective of the learner to one day sit for the famous yet feared exam. Teachers have since the onset of the corona virus pandemic worked round the clock in ensure prior and adequate preparations for the candidates before their final exams .

The major challenge that the 2021 KCSE candidates are facing is the little teacher-student contact hours, which has lead to several instabilities as far as teaching and learning prices is concerned. Owing to the pressure experienced by both learners and tutors , several schools have gone down as students riot in different parts of the country.

The Kenya national examination council has finally brought the reality of exams, which are likely to instill sense to the candidates ,whose KCSE literature remained an historical and fictional tale . With the production of the exams time table, learners are likely to settle down in their schools in a bid to prepare for these papers .

According to the latest time table released by KNEC, the exams will start with English paper one on Monday and Chemistry paper one will be done on that same day . The second day students will wake up to their Mathematics paper one which takes a maximum of two hours thirty minutes .Candidates will conclude the exercise with physics paper three (practical ) which shall be done on first April 2022.

Students will then proceed to their homes where they will wait for not more than three weeks for their final results . They will also be required to join hire levels of education in the same year.

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