Schools may close close earlier than expected


Schools may close close earlier than expected

The education system is yet to fit to the earlier calendar which had national exams be done on December and long breaks be given to learner’s on April Agust and November/ December.

The current development has seen the school calendar be interrupted as learner’s cause mayhem. A mandatory mid term break was given after students burnt dormitories in various respective schools. With the calendar dictating the official closure date for second term to be December 23rd. Internal research indicate that schools are set to close on 17th except for very few which will cross to the Christmas celebration week.

The research also indicate the reasons as a move to reduce piling pressure which may result to resurface of arson cases. Parents should prepare to welcome their learner’s back late next week. Those who has not received an official communication should communicate to their children’s respective schools for confirmation.

The Dec 23rd attracts a rush which is likely to be costly and confusing to the learner’s who would seek to travel upcountry.

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