Drama in burial ceremony over dowry payment in Kirinyaga

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Drama in burial ceremony over dowry payment in Kirinyaga

A burial has been brought to a standstill in Kianyaga, Kirinyaga County after the court ordered the ceremony to be halted. This is after a man identified as Paul Murange Njuki killed his wife, Millicent Muthoni and all his four children.

The court claimed that the five murder victims cannot be buried on Paul’s land since he had not paid bride price to Millicent. The court ordered their bodies to be buried at Muthoni’s home.

The fracas was brought about by Muthoni’s uncle who appeared at Paul’s home accompanied by police officers with a court order preventing the burial from taking place.

The suspect committed the heinous act presenting himself to Kianyaga Police Station and confessed to killing his family using an axe and a panga. The man also confessed he sexually assaulted his eldest daughter before hacking her to death.

The suspect is expected to appear at Kianyaga Law Courts before the Principal Magistrate Leah Kaberia on 15th December.

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